Pookieluv Edit

  • are on their phones ALL THE TIME
  • pronounce library "libary" (it's not a strawberry!)
  • are never happy
  • copy CP stories on Youtube!
  • act like children when they are teenagers or adults
  • people who get offended by every little thing (like why do you even care what I think?)
  • only do things for a picture, instead of actually experiencing it
  • think it's okay to spend all day watching TV in their bedroom (it's not)
  • don't care about anything
  • teenagers and adults that act like children
  • act like children when they are teenagers or adults

Pseudo-Miracles Edit

  • are racist, homophobic, etc
  • are rabid fans of ANYTHING
  • act like their whole life is terrible just because of one tiny thing that went wrong
  • like my old, disgusting art *stares at Terrsolpix*
  • act like they're better just because they ship a different ship/have more designer jeans/any stupid thing like that
  • hate a person just because they aren't perfect and super mature, or just really act like they hate them (*Glares at Tech from the dork corner*)

TechnologyPookie Edit

  • say they'll commit suicide when they'll really NOT
  • say it's their last CPPW post (for example) and come back 3 minutes later.
  • embarrass you in front of friends
  • fangirl over Bill Cipher (he's a triangle! Nothing special!)
  • think that they're agender/suicidal/transgender/etc it means they're cool
  • play Pokèmon only to cry away "WAAAWAAA MY PIKACHOO GAUT CAUGHT WAA*
  • make EVERYTHING into a pony/ppg (if they make Miraculous Ladybug into ponies i swear)
  • worship villains for no reason
  • say they love animals yet they think puppy mills, tigers being forced to mate etc is less worse than hunting
  • are hypocrites
  • think that Pikachu is the strongest pokemon
  • obsess over something and will bully you badly if you don't share their opinion
  • think that their illness/disorder/etc is an excuse to be an butt
  • happen to like my art from 2014-early 2015 (seriously, I have improved.)
  • who think it's all about them in roleplays.
  • post clickbait photos on MovieStarPlanet and Facebook (you know the ones...)
  • are homo/ace/transphobes
  • who stereotype
  • think all tomboys are lesbian
  • are always optomistic to the point it makes others uncomfortable.
  • who misunderstand me all the time.
  • whine and complain constantly over the smallest things.
  • act like children when they're above the age of 12


  • Think Pikachu is the strongest.
  • Get all dramatic on leaving and then come back saying, "just visiting too addicted."
  • Pretend to commit suicide.
  • People who defend mlp and fnaf like it is gold.
  • People who think it is all about them in roleplays.
  • People who whine all over the place like, ugh when i go on a site and its my birthday there all like idc
  • People who always want attention.
  • Hypocrites
  • People who literally post their crushes ALL OVER THE PLACE.

Mew The supercool ! Edit

  1. People who hate me for my opinions.
  2. People who are racist.
  3. People who hack games for their advantage.
  4. Hypocrites.
  5. Who leave wikis and come back the next day and say that they're staying back.
  6. People who are total optimists.
  7. People who misunderstand my problems.
  8. People who are part of Fandoms like MLP and FNaF.

FinlayDoesPotatoes2005 Edit

  • Delete my OCs.
  • Hate kids.
  • Disrespect my opinions.
  • Are bronies.
  • Call me a 5 year old.
  • Are racist/sexist.
  • Don't care about my feelings.
  • Godmod.
  • Ponify everything (if the ponify Cyanide and Happiness then I will explode).
  • Chew with their mouth open.

PPG&MLP-Rule! Edit

  • Are racist & sexist
  • Are homophobic/transphobic
  • Think that all tomboys are lesbians
  • Judge people based on their appearance
  • Are quick to judge people, topics, places, etc. just based on a few minor details (and won't give people & things a chance)
  • Stereotype people
  • Bully others
  • Don't respect what other people like
  • Don't respect people's opinions on a certain topic
  • Hate/abuse animals
  • Hate/abuse babies/kids
  • Make perfect OCs with no backstory whatsoever (Mary Sues)
  • Ship/promote pedophilla and incestious couples
  • Like porn & gory
  • Draw NSFW pictures of characters from my favorite shows
  • Follow trends only for popularity
  • Use the phrase "this gave me cancer" or "it's cancerous!" as an insult to anything
  • Use people's art, music, etc. without permission

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