Pookieluv Edit

I admit, I do wear makeup sometimes. I use a little blush and lip gloss on special occasions, or when I go to church, or on days that I just wanna look extra cute.

But I hate it when companies try to get you to buy a TON of products. I hate it when girls put on globs of the stuff every single day - and sometimes they reapply multiple times. I can see girls in the bathroom at school applying tons of concealer, lip stick, eyeshadow, that powdery "face shiner" crap, mascara, eyebrow markers, blush - tons and tons of blush. And guess what? YOU BARELY LOOK ANY DIFFERENT.

Plus, makeup is SUPER hard to get off. I do a lot of mainstage performances, and they make us wear tons of makeup and facepaint on stage. And then, after our performance is over for the day, there are tons of girls in the dressing room - AND boys in the other dressing room - scrubbing our faces until they're red and stinging. I NEED A GOOD MAKEUP REMOVER. Is that too much to ask?