Don't get me wrong, FNAF is an entertaining game, and the game creator has wonderful talents. But the fanbase and the fans? HATE IT. ABSOLUTELY TOXIC. FNAF OCs, fanfictions, and tons more, that ruin a good game.

Let us start with the horrid OCs. I never see any original OCs. Only ONE. JUST ONE. everything else is a recolor of the animatronics, a rip off of any other character added with robotic parts, dumb human animatronics, animatronics with human like body parts, pony animatronics that are just a rip off of the real animatronics (but pony characters made to look like animatronics are fine with me.) And TONS MORE. What is a recolor of something? Unoriginal! A rip off? Horrible! Humanoids? Fake, dumb, and those who make them don't know what the animatronics actually are. Animatronics with human like parts like actual hair, fingers? Disgusting and unoriginal! Pony animatronics, my gosh I hate MLP so much.... i hate animatronics too.

I honestly hate how people ship them self with animatronics. What the flip? ANIMATRONICS. DO NOT. HAVE. FEELINGS. 99% ship them self with Foxy. For example, a bad artist drew them self killing the night guard. They also made them self look as cute as possible, when in reality they are selfish. Then they made the animatronics reaction all like, "WOAHHHHH SHE IS SO COOL." Except for Foxy, who she made him look like, "OMG MARRY MEEE." WHAT THE HECK IS UP WITH THAT PERSON??!!!!!

Renegade Enchidio Edit

Most of the fanbase is toxic and obsessed with it. Heck, in art, we were doing drawings of animals and this one guy ripped off Freddy Fazbear. I also once saw a guy get ran over playing Five Nights at Freddies because he wasn't looking where he was going. It's overrated, and it changes people. Just, it's not a game I recommend you play.

Mew The supercool ! Edit

Once upon a time, it was a great game. Now it's horrible.

Thingofnothing Edit

I hate fnaf. it is horror which i hate. the only good things are foxy and the theories. Nvm. Fnaf world rocks.

FinlayDoesDamnPotatoes Edit

Look, I LOVE FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S!!!!!!!!!! It's my most favorite game of ALL time. What I'm ranting about is some of the theories and the fandom.

Theories Edit

Most of the the theories are cool, but some are just....ugh. Like, one of the theories is that Foxy tried to stop the bite of '87. And it caused him to get into a fight with the animatronic who did it and was punched in the jaw causing his jaw to break. Honestly, I think that went a bit too far.

Fandom Edit

The fandom is like SO annoying. It just puts me off the game. Also, people draw animatronics with you know what. That is like SO DUMB. The internet is a scary place...

FNaF fandom weirdo: FOXY LOVES PINKY PIE

Me: shut up