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Renegade Enchidio
• 12/30/2015


Remember, today is your last day to vote! And I must say, the votes are looking great. We do have a lot of ties though, so if there is a tie, you will both get trophies.

Awards Night will officially be starting at 3 pm PST. That is when I will be starting the Awards Night Thread. That is the thread where we will be holding all of our games, and that's the thread where I will be announcing the winners. Chat will also be open all day tomorrow!

Here's how the announcing will work: I will announce the winners in bold, so if you don't really care about the games and stuff, just scroll until you find bold. That is where the winners will be announced.

At the end of the day, I will also be picking one new admin. I can't decide between 4 people who the new admin will be. I might even have to pick two admins! Remember, you don't have to be a chat mod in order to be an admin! Everyone has an equal chance. I will be announcing the new admin at around 8 or 9 PST. After that we can just hang out in chat together or something.

Awards Night is going to be really fun! Invite your friends from other wikis to come and watch. Don't miss it!

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Renegade Enchidio
• 12/31/2015

I'll try not to miss it! And I'll get a few people from my Skype Chat to come, now.

Also, what time is 3 PM PST in the EST timezone?

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