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About Awards Night

Lots of users have been asking me about Awards Night, so I decided to go into a little more detail about it here. As you guys know, I have been setting up categories for you guys to vote on (for more on voting, go to our main voting page).

These are the categories we have so far:

Best Chat Mod

Best Friend

Best Ranter

Most Active

Best Username

Most Capitalized

To vote on one of these, simply click on it. I have linked all of them to the page. You can also go to the Contests Board to see all of the categories.

Anyways, on December 31st (which is Awards Night), I will be announcing the winners of all the categories. There will be a special thread just for the Awards Night. I will announce a winner every few hours. In between the announcements, there will be games and other fun things. I will be online all day long. We will also be having a chat party all day to see if we can break our chat record (which is 2).

Lots of people have also been asking about the prize for winning a category. The prize will be a trophy with your username and category on it, that I will post onto your profile page.

Also... at the end of the day, I will choose one person to become a new admin. I have already been thinking about who it should be... but everyone has a chance. Even if you don't win any categories, you still might become a new admin.

It will be lots of fun, trust me. I will be online all day long, and hopefully you guys will be there with me! If you're celebrating with family, I understand, but just try to come online whenever you're not doing anything. It's much funner if you're there when it's actually happening!

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Xx-Bronchitis Goddess-xX

okie ^_^ btw is it ok if I test my new cm powers earky on the party? just asking


ysah, I seen some ppl on cppw shorten chat mod to cm, plus im lazy XD


Lol. Don't forget to vote on all the categories, everyone :)

Xx-Bronchitis Goddess-xX wrote:

Lol. We highlight a lot of stuff here :)

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