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• 12/21/2015

ARWAN - Angry Rants Wiki Awards Night!

Hello everyone! As you may have heard... we are having an awards night! There will be lots of categories, and you will vote for who you think deserves the award. And, of course, the person with the most votes wins! There are a few rules though...

1) You can't vote for yourself

2) To vote, you MUST say these exact words: I, (your username), vote (your votes username) as (category name). And it must be bolded.

3) You cannot write anything in the thread except for your vote. So, you can't say 'vote for me' or 'i think that...' or 'thanks!' and you can't get off topic or anything. If you post anything except for your vote, then your vote will not count.

4) The prize will be a trophy with your name on it! It will be posted to your profile page shortly after the winners are announced.

5) Your comment will be hidden after I have seen it so that I am the only one who knows who is winning. If you're comment is removed, don't worry, you have not done anything wrong. I just have to do that so that no one else sees who anyone votes for.

Well, that's it! If you have any questions, post them below me.

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• 12/23/2015
What are the categories?
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