Hi! Okay, so in case you guys haven't noticed, we have a new board. It's called the Contests board, and that is where we will be hosting contests (obviously). I always thought the best part of a wiki wasn't the actual content, but it was having fun with your internet friends and playing games with them and chatting. SO, that's what the Contests board will be about.

Also, we need to have a serious discussion. This wiki... is about... ANGRY... RANTS... Somebody - I won't say who - but SOMEBODY posted a paragraph about why they LIKED the topic. Don't worry, I deleted it right away. Just remember guys, this wiki is for letting out your ANGER and HATE without getting in trouble, not for expressing how much you love something.

Well, that's about it. Remember, if you have ANY suggestions, just tell me, or your admin, YourTypicalWeirdo. We do take suggestions!